Bassler, Borders Get Study Committee Assignments

Jasonville State Representative Bruce Borders will serve the rest of this year on the interim study committee on Government. Borders’ committee’s job is to consider the cost and benefits of publication requirements for cities and towns. It’s job is also to suggest ways to consolidate and revise statutes required for state and local government public works projects. The committee’s meetings are expected to happen in the months to come in Indianapolis. The sessions are available for viewing online at i-g-a-dot-i-n-dot-gov.
The Government study committee is one of two Borders will serve on. The other is the Benjamin Harrison Conservation Trust Project study committee.

Washington State Senator Eric Bassler will serve as the vice-chair of the Interim Study Committee on Commerce and Ecnonomic Development. Bassler’s committee will cover commerce issues for possible legislation in the 2019 General Assembly session.
Bassler will also serve on the Alcohol Code Revision, Military Base Planning, Distressed Unit Appeals committees. he will also co-chair the 2020 Legislative Summit Host Committee.

The study committees consist of 16 members– eight each from the Indiana Senate and Indiana House. Each study committee session will be streamed online at i-g-a-dot-i-n-dot-gov.

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