Farm Family of the Year


Congratulations to the 2021 TOC Direct Media and Best One Tire’s Farm Family of the Year, Pine Bluff Cattle and Seed!!

The Keasling Family Farm is located in Bicknell, Indiana  Owned and Operated by Brian, Sara, Derek, and Bethany Keasling.


Read their nomination here:

“I am nominating the Keasling family for the 2021 Farm Family of the year because of their handwork and dedication to the agricultural field. They own an operate Pine Bluff Cattle and Seed, in Bicknell, Indiana. Brian, Sara, and Derek all work full-time jobs outside of their farm, and Bethany is a full-time student at V.U. They all spend their spare time caring for their cattle, everyday, as well as operating their seed business. Recently, Brian and Derek expanded their cattle operation to Greene County, they all take their turns feeding and watering the calves twice daily, and cleaning the barns. Apart from their hardwork on the farm, they would help anyone who needed a tire fixed, or help working on a vehicle. They are a kind-hearted, and very thoughtful family. They are the definition of a hard-working family. I think, anyone who knows them, would agree that they deserve the title of “2021 Farm Family of the Year.”