Washington Receives $325,000 Community Crossings Grant

The State of Indiana says 283 cities, towns and counties have received a combined $100 million in state-matching funds for local road projects through the Next Level Roads: Community Crossings Initiative.

The City of Washington received over $325,000.

Odon got almost $195,000 while Plainville received over $108,000.

Knox County received almost $161-thousand, while Wheatland got $75,000 and Bicknell $319,000.

Sandborn received $5,300 and Oaktown $36,000.

Shoals received over $150,000, Switz City got over $93,000, Bloomfield about $184.000, and Worthington over $74,000.

Petersburg got over $202,000 and Winslow almost $87,000.

For a complete listing of grant recipients, click this link 2018-ccmg-award-2018-final