American Cancer Society Calls For Balanced Pain Policies

A new study by the American Cancer Society is calling for balanced pain management policies in Indiana.

Spokesman David Woodmansee says it’s important to have laws that push-back on the opioid crisis, but too much regulation can leave others in pain.

The organization released the “How Do You Measure Up?” report yesterday, which is a yearly progress report on the legislative activity to prevent cancer.

This year, the Cancer Society noticed the 470 opioid-related bills that were introduced in 2018 can either prevent patients from getting the full care they need or put them at risk for addiction.

Indiana was recognized for policies increasing access to Medicaid, but the study says the state is lacking in restrictions on indoor tanning, tobacco prevention and early detection of breast and cervical cancer.

Woodmansee says Indiana’s opioid prescription monitoring service is functioning well, but lawmakers should detail a plan on what to do with the data.